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143 days ago
Hello Fans,


After sucessful beta run we are pleased to announce the opening of VIP Access to everyone.  If you were not part of VIP beta testing group or paid premium or premium plus member you may not have seen our VIP content (additional language movies). 


The price of VIP Membership $4.99/USD a month, after evaluating and collecting feedback we have come up with this fair price which will include Tamil,Hindi,Telugu,Malaylam,+Additional Language,and LiveTv Channels.


For limited time we are running the following promo for early birds, you can now subscribe to VIP membership for $4.00/USD a month, the deadline to subscribe to VIP Package is September 15, 2016 no exceptions will be made. You can secure this price till you cancel the automatic payment or you forgot to update your expired credit card and payment started to fail :)


If you have already subscribed to Premium or Premium plus and the payment for current month has been made already, not to worry before September 15,2016 email your username and last payment date we will keep the slot open for you till your next renewal.  Make sure you cancel your current subscriptions or it will auto renew on old price.


 Do not forget September 15,2016 will be the last day of our promotion price for VIP membership after that the price for membership will be $4.99/USD Month.  If you would like to subscribe or have questions about additional language please email, also ensure to check your spam folder as we reply to all the emails in timely manner





174 days ago
Hello Everyone,

due to most requests and demand we are currently implemeting and testing VIP membership and content. As you know currently we provide two type of membershis Premium (latest tamil movies), Premium PLUS (live tv channels,Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu,Hindi movies), due to demand we are currently testing VIP membership which will provide access to Premium PLUS content plus one additional language movies which will be only available to VIP members. We will provide more details once we finish testing and have completed sufficient content. VIP content overview and access will remain invisible till logged in as VIP status member.

If you're currently a Premium PLUS member you can choose to try out the VIP content and provide feedback and help us improve content. if interested please email your username to get started.

Pricing and full availablity and promotional details will follow.. stay tuned!!

181 days ago
We want to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy our site in full. Eventhough we charge very nominal fees lot of our premium members are requesting for a refer a friend program, we always listen to ideas to improve our services and bring in more members to enjoy the content. Here you go!!

If you refer a friend who signup for any of our packages (Premium/Premium PLUS) via subscription method (not month to month payment) you will receive 1 month of equlant service for free. Example if your friend subscribe for Premium package, you will recieve Premium access for a month. This applies to new activations only. You can refer as many friends as you want and you will receive a month of credit for each of your friend. Example If you refer 12 friends you get a year free!!!

for more information or signup please email
203 days ago
There has been lot of questions that was sent to us each time a member wants to join and/or become a premium/plus member. Here are the top reasons that would convince to switch to from going to all those popup/spamware unrealiable websites.

10) High quality movies in Hindi,Tamil,Malayam,Telugu

09) English Subtitles for most of the movies where available and we do add them as they become available

08) Tamil Movies/Video Songs that are released before 2015 are free to watch and there are tons of collections for everyone to enjoy

07) Buffer free streaming to North America and Europe (some even enjoy in Australia and Singapore however we can only manage up to North America and Europe)

06) Frequent updates of latest releases in all langugages, as soon as it becomes available we will definately have it. No we do not go for lower quality, our high quality standard are always maintained!

05) SD/HD Quality for mobile and PC - you choose the quality
04) Dedicated team working on improving the services and content on daily basis and fast response to emails and activations

03) No annoying ads that can hurt your device, there are many free websites available to watch movies however they put ads that are not safe which can lead to malware and virus. We refused to go that method thats why we charge nomial fee to cover the expense.

02) Mobile/Tablet ready you can even stream to your tv using chromecast. We want to ensure that you have the options to use our website on any devices.

01) We are proud to say that we charge only very nomial fee to deliver 02-10 reasons above. $1.99/month for latest tamil movies, $3.50/month to Tamil,Telugu,Hindi,Malayam,LiveTV channels.

Did we miss anything? feel free to add below!! If you're truely enjoying our services please refer them to join us!!!

231 days ago
Hello Everyone,

We are glad to announce the following feature for our beloved mobile/tablet users. Untill now there was no option to switch to HD when using our site on tablet or mobile devices. This was most requested feature and we finally done it. You have now option to switch to HD or SD when using mobile/tablet also ability to stream using chromecast or airplay the HD version.

Keep in mind, the HD file is much larger and requires good connetion on your mobile, we recommend using it only on Wi-Fi to avoid excessive data usage.

Here are the screenshots that shows how to switch to HD/SD plus turn on subtitles if available.

On Desktop/Laptop

On Mobile/Tablet

Your feedbacks are welcome. Enjoy