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6 hours ago
We have resolved all reported bugs within YTAMIL roku channel, please update your roku system to get new the changes.

Go to Roku's main screen and selecting Settings >> System >> System update >> Check now

Report all issues to so we can address them in timely manner! Thanks to everyone who have reported so far!
1 days ago

Ytamil.Com roku channel


- All the features offers now included except TV VOD (based on feedback of this first release we will work on this).

You can simply add the channel to your Roku device by clicking on the Add Channel image above and follow the prompts. Once added, go to Roku's main screen and selecting Settings >> System >> System update >> Check now. Now the Ytamil channel will be available on your main screen

You will need to use your username and password to login first time, if you're a facebook login user please create a password first by going to this link

Please send us your feedback to, the feedback are important to improve this channel and bring in additional features as required.


If you would like to become a premium/plus/vip member please email for paypal payment information.


We are standing by to activate your membership.
19 days ago

As we are in new year we have been developing new features for members, here is one of them for TV fans!!

Yes, now you can watch Tamil,Hindi,Malayalam,Telugu TV channels recorded VOD on The available channels are now listed under here

VOD is limited to 10 days of recording, offered for Premium PLUS and VIP members.

Currently only listed channels are available, we will not be taking channel requests at this time for VOD.

To become a premium plus/vip member please email for payment instructions

Premium - $1.99 USD / Month - Latest Tamil Movies (Movies released on and prior 2015 are free to watch

Premium PLUS - $3.50 USD / Month - Tamil,Hindi,Telugu,Malayalam and Live TV Channels, VOD

VIP - $4.99 USD / Month - Tamil,Hindi,Telugu,Malayalam,+1Language and Live TV Channels, VOD

178 days ago
Hello Fans,


After sucessful beta run we are pleased to announce the opening of VIP Access to everyone.  If you were not part of VIP beta testing group or paid premium or premium plus member you may not have seen our VIP content (additional language movies). 


The price of VIP Membership $4.99/USD a month, after evaluating and collecting feedback we have come up with this fair price which will include Tamil,Hindi,Telugu,Malaylam,+Additional Language,and LiveTv Channels.


For limited time we are running the following promo for early birds, you can now subscribe to VIP membership for $4.00/USD a month, the deadline to subscribe to VIP Package is September 15, 2016 no exceptions will be made. You can secure this price till you cancel the automatic payment or you forgot to update your expired credit card and payment started to fail :)


If you have already subscribed to Premium or Premium plus and the payment for current month has been made already, not to worry before September 15,2016 email your username and last payment date we will keep the slot open for you till your next renewal.  Make sure you cancel your current subscriptions or it will auto renew on old price.


 Do not forget September 15,2016 will be the last day of our promotion price for VIP membership after that the price for membership will be $4.99/USD Month.  If you would like to subscribe or have questions about additional language please email, also ensure to check your spam folder as we reply to all the emails in timely manner





209 days ago
Hello Everyone,

due to most requests and demand we are currently implemeting and testing VIP membership and content. As you know currently we provide two type of membershis Premium (latest tamil movies), Premium PLUS (live tv channels,Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu,Hindi movies), due to demand we are currently testing VIP membership which will provide access to Premium PLUS content plus one additional language movies which will be only available to VIP members. We will provide more details once we finish testing and have completed sufficient content. VIP content overview and access will remain invisible till logged in as VIP status member.

If you're currently a Premium PLUS member you can choose to try out the VIP content and provide feedback and help us improve content. if interested please email your username to get started.

Pricing and full availablity and promotional details will follow.. stay tuned!!