Frequently Asked Questions

1) compatible with mobile devices?
Yes, the website is designed to adopt mobile/tablets. The site has been tested under Apple and Android based mobile/tablets.

3) Why subtitles doesn't work when using chromecast or Airplay?
Due to the way chromecase or apple airplay transmit the movies to big screen they don't support natively to transmit 2 files at same time, we provide on demand subtitle which can be turned on and off since subtitle file and movie files are different they will not work at same time during casting. This is limitation of software/hardware unless we create dedicated iOS or Andorid apps and incorporate the support which requires lot of money and resources and is currently being evaluated with no ETA on fix.

4) Why don't all the moveis have english subtitle on
We get subtitles off DVD/Bluray releases, we do not custom make them and not all movies come with english subtitles especially Telugu/Tamil language movies. We do our best to update them as we find them.

5) What are the payment options, do you accept paypal?
Please e-mail for payment options